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Life is an open book – mengenai sebuah tulisan

“Life is an open book”

We often hear the phrase. I browsed the formal meaning of the phrase, and mostly are talking the same meaning, whether you discover someone’s secrets or you could find out someone’s feeling or thinking pattern easily. Well, it’s the world’s definition after all. But me, as a Christian, I’ll take “life is an open book” as become a blessing to people around me, especially when it pointed out to the “love” God requires us to spread.

Blessing could be in many forms, small things or even big things, the seen or even the unseen, the written or even the unwritten. One of the example is, smile. It happens to me every week. After the Sunday’s sermon, I shake the Pastor’s hand, and he always say to me, “you always have the bright smile, Irene” :p I believe it can also be a blessing for other people around me.

“The open book” means that when people see us, they see God’s interference in our lives, and how our lives can be a blessing for them.

People judge easily, because they only see the cover. And what happen when they only see the cover? They generally don’t see the story behind it. They believe on what they see, not the person. People love to assume. People love to lean on their own understanding. People are too confident. But people have pasts. People make mistakes. People are human, they sinned. People are just people, imperfect. I do too.

But I, the perfectionist individual, just want to be the best for people I love. I expect perfect thing, when I myself is not perfect. Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it..

Well, we all learn..

What really excites me? I can confidently say: writing. But writing takes a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of emotions, a lot of thoughts. And to be honest, I often feel too lazy to write what I’m thinking, what I feel, and it turned out that what is inside here is just blow out. It’s a time bomb. It has been a really long time I never write anything to express my thoughts and feelings. I used to love to write them on the social networking webs before. And one day, I withdrew from any social networking webs, and chose not to express anything anymore on them. I made some of blogs, and yet, I terminated them. I wrote things, and yet, I deleted them. Suddenly, I don’t know how to write anymore. So I chose to be silent. I thought that keeping things inside are the best thing to do, but then I knew that it’s not who I am. I express feelings through words: joy, sorrow, anger, disappointment, and it’s as much as comforting as it supposes to be. That’s what I do. I should’ve control my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings by writing frequently. Writing is the best way for me to cope with circumstances.

I learn, it’s a tough thing for someone who has a passion in writing to write something that they are not believe in what they write. Before a writer can write something, they must experience a breakthrough and have the understanding about the words he or she is going to write, otherwise, it will be a total waste, and the writing would be meaningless and the message the writer is trying to deliver would be a total waste. Why people can imagine what the writer tries to tell them, why people can feel the emotions the writer tries to deliver, why people can be so excited in reading something, it is because the words are so alive so that they can bring the readers to the writer’s world and understand what is the message hidden behind every word.

I want people to know me. I want to bring them to my world. But I’m not too good exposing myself. So I’ll let them read.

End of word, this blog is made for the readers to become more understand about who I really am in a more clearer way, of how do I think and feel about things, and I want to share my experiences with the world. And of course, I’m also hoping that through this blog, the readers can be inspired, be strengthened, and be blessed.

Welcome, and enjoy 🙂 any comments are welcomed. We all live in the world which learning is a continuous phase.

God bless you..

PS: the blog is gonna be in 2 languages: Indonesian and English


Aku ingin menulis tak bertitik..

Aku ingin bernafas dengan jemariku..

“Tik, tik, tik”, menghentakkan setiap sudutnya untuk menyalurkan isi hati..

Menceritakan sebuah memori..

Sehingga dunia tahu, mengenal, dan mengerti siapa aku..


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