The 2 old posts

I was tracing back my folders stored in the “my documents” on my laptop. Then, I found this. By the time I read these two files, suddenly I recalled the moments when I wrote these, how did I feel when I was on the site. Memory, sweet memory.. Did I live in the past? But the past is too sweet and too beautiful to be forgotten. Why good things are be easier to be thrown away rather than bad things?

Well, here I’m gonna post it again as the form of appreciation for the feelings I have ever experienced towards him.

(I called it “appreciation”, is because I appreciate the sincerity and purity of love. Love deserves appreciation)

“The thing I miss the most with distance are the hands. When your hand in mine, and I merely craw on them. I love the way you hold something between your fingers. Firm and strong. But tenderly lovely. I miss when your hand grasped firmly around my waist, tracing my skin. Carefully you make me feel safe on your hold. I miss the way your hand holds my cheek to kiss you. With smile you come to me, and stretched your hands to welcome me on the warmth of your heart. I miss the way your hands make violent waves when you tell me a story. The movement. I miss the rise and flow. The sweeping gestures. Friendly laughter. And gentle touches. I miss the way we do not have to say anything. All the silences. And simply trace our fingers together in the dark, behind the world.”

“In a world full of imaginations, between you and me in the same room, holding hands and never let go, hug tightly and never comes to an end, kiss tenderly and never stop smiling. And one day, I wake up in the morning, while the sunshine cannot be my inspiration anymore. It is just a dream I dreamed of. Standing in the reality. Our world is here, on the site of our palms. This is how we live now, by distance. I light a candle in the dark. And the moments of silence become my best friend. Kneel down and pray. In a hope that we can meet someday. I believe in that. And I will always love you with all the joy, with all the pain, with everything I am, everything I have and don’t have.”


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