About music – the musician prayer

I just reached home (this late). What I’m going to tell you in the next few paragraphs are supposed to be yesterday’s, since the time currently has turned into new day. Let’s pretend that what happened yesterday as today.

Today was a tiring day. A full day of activity, but not the leisure one. Church duties came with full of lists. And my body was just couldn’t cooperate much. I blinked slowly. I leaned my body many times. I sneezed many times. I had bad headache, and I think my blood pressure was dropped because every time I tried to stand after a long sit, I felt like I was going to faint. I was exhausted, I don’t feel good, both emotionally and physically. All I wanted is just to have a long sleep and rest. But I have to get up and perform those lists.

I came early to church. I stepped to the sanctuary and it was dark. Nobody was there. I was still all alone, nobody had come yet. So I walked to the big black thingy placed on the corner of the bottom of the altar. A piano. I opened its cover and started to play it. It has been a very long time I didn’t play that thing, and I lost my touch. I can’t play well with music, but at least I know how to play. Just a simple chord, a simple sound I can make from those black and white keys. I almost forgotten how beautiful music can really be. The sound it creates can be a distinctive serenity and a relieve for those whose souls are lost. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

For me, I can easily cry by only listen to the music or sing a song rather than listening for someone to talk. Most people cry when what others tell them hit their inner, or they cry when they try to talk about something. For me, music touches my heart. Music has really been my best friend. Cheer me up, strengthen me, and understand what I felt.

There was a point where I withdrew myself from music. I stopped playing music, I stopped singing, and my heart was just feel so silent. No matter in what condition, I often sing, voiced or silently. But that time, I just stopped. My world was just so dark, so gloomy, and I can’t even be comforted with anything. And I realized what was missing. It was the tone that normally audible from the inside. It felt not right.

But what can I do? That moment, there were so much is going on, and I eliminated the most thing I knew it can comfort me. I was blind.

I’m not great at music, but I like to create music. In addition, I also love to write. I’m suppose can create a song, but I’m not confident enough. So I never practice. But this day, while I was waiting for the other fellows, on that piano, I played something that I didn’t realize that what I did was making a song. It just came out spontaneously. The tone described what did my heart feel at that moment. Just without the lyrics. And do you know how it felt? A consolation.

Now I understand why great musician can create incredible song. With the help of the singer, sometimes we can feel how a song, its tone and lyrics can touch our hearts. Maybe it because the composers put their souls on the song. Maybe the composers tell their experiences through a song they create, not only an ordinary creation. Some song can really be an encouragement to the listeners. Maybe because God’s presence is on the song.

Thank you God for the music.. Without it, the world is colorless..

” You’ve given me the words, Lord, and the music

A song of life that’s new and unrehearsed

You’ve given me the joy that makes my heart sing

Even though at times the tears come first

You’ve given me the theme of my existence

And I will sing Your glory all my days

For now, Lord, and forever

Be my music

And make my life a symphony of praise “

-The Musician Prayer (B.J.Hoff)-


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