Let go our dreams, and He will grab our open arms

Months ago, I chatted with my old friend when I was staying in Singapore 7 years ago. We shared some things, especially for what has happened in our lives. He is a godly man and a secure mature man, who is still in his waiting to meet his life-partner. I asked him, “how do you feel regarding your dream to get married?”, and he replied “I feel great. I won’t give up in waiting for Him to fulfill His promises”.

And then we both were sharing our dreams, our desires…

And I was amazed for the faith he has in God. He enjoys his life as a single man where we can say that he has reached a maturity age where he should be getting married. But he’s feeling very secure of his future, including finding his soul-mate. He is never worried, and he is never count the days to reach another older age, but still … single.

There were moments, a quite long and difficult moments where my aim of meeting new people, joining new communities ended up to find a lover, the one who could be my future husband someday. But the harder I’ve tried, the farther I am reaching my goal. I didn’t even find anyone. And my dream didn’t even getting any closer. Yes, I was desperate, seeing all my closest friends are either going to get marry or already married, and I feel like all alone now. And confused: to whom should I share things with?. But many say that you just need to give in your dreams to God, and He will make it happen. If we still hold our dreams on our own hands, He will let go of His hands. But if we give in our dreams to Him and we don’t hold on into something, His hands would be completely open to grab our hands. He will guide us in every single way.

Sometimes there are dreams or goals that we are standing on. Deep down we know that God has put those dreams or goals to our hearts. He has birthed it on the inside. And He promised to give blessing to our dreams and goals in His own time. But so often, it’s taking a long time and we’ve been through disappointments. We get negative and start thinking that it will never happen. And then, we just give up and never believe that He is able to do everything anymore.

The reason many people don’t see God’s promised fulfilled is because they become discouraged and give up too soon. But just because we don’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean that God is not working. Just because it takes a long time doesn’t mean God ran out of options. Our minds might be saying: it’s over, our emotions might be saying: no way it could ever happen, circumstances might looked impossible, but doesn’t mean that God won’t do what He said.

He is faithful, and all His promises are “yes” and “amen”. That means if we do our part and believe although it seems impossible and not be shaken by surrounding’s situations, conditions, or influences, then God’s promises in due season and at the right time, He will bring it to pass. It may not happen the way we expect it or on our timetable. But it will happen when it’s time. That’s what He said in Hebrews 13:5B, “I will not in any way fail you or leave you without support”.

For every battle we must face, He will give us strength. For every decision should be made, He will give us wisdom. For every loneliness we feel, He will give us comfort. And there will be understanding that would bring peace in our hearts. God will vindicate the wrongs that have been done, He will pay back for unfair situations, He will turn out every sorrows into dancing, tears into laughter. He promised He will not only bring our dreams to pass but He will give us even the secret desires of our hearts.

I am the type of person that always been worried for most of the times. And it’s hurting me. It’s a painful way to live. I am 26 years going on 27 in a few weeks. I was so worried that I couldn’t find anybody that can suits me to be my life-partner. Many of my friends said: “you are still young. Explore, and enjoy”. But the thing is that to build a small family is my dream, as I missed that since I was little kid. And I believe that God put this in my heart, to fix what is broken. I love the feeling to realize that every morning I wake up, I have someone that is count on me to make his life a great life to live, especially in taking care of his daily life. But until today, I just haven’t find anyone that is compatible enough. And I am still waiting. Waiting for His promises to be fulfilled in my life. It’s not that I met guys, and get too picky. But in choosing life-partner, I believe that we have to be very sensitive in God’s guidance so we don’t make wrong choices. And in order to get His guidance, I believe that we should build a close relationship with God, so we understand His desires in marriage and in deciding who should be the one we are walking on the aisle with, we should be able to listen to His voice.

So I was giving in my dream to Him. And amazingly, peace came to me and I am enjoying my loneliness now. It’s the moment where I could really communicate with Him without anybody interrupting. Well, sometimes I’m still falling, feeling lonely and pity myself. But when I am alone, I don’t feel down and so lonely anymore. I just talk to God and ask Him so many things. And there … I could hear His voice clearly.

God’s heart is hurting when we say that we are alone, because the fact is that we N E V E R be alone. He is here, closer than we ever thought.

For everything, there is a season ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

And for everything that happen in our lives, there is always a reason to understand, that God is always in control.

So … let go, and let He grabs our open arms.


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