My love stays

You asked me to hold the rainbow

Yet, I tried to touch it

You asked me to pick the stars

Yet, I tried to reach it

You asked me to get the sun on your hands

Yet, I tried to make it happen for you

As long you never ask me to go and be away from you

And get rid of my heart, of my feelings

Because anything you want

Anything you need

They have never become a burden for me

Because one thing you should know

My love stays here for you


Author: Irene A.K.A Irin

I am just an ordinary girl who lives in the extraordinary world.. I'm not used with the talking thingy, so I'd prefer to write all my thoughts and my feelings.. I dream a lot, I imagine a lot.. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to smile.. It's not a perfect world, but imagination has brought me to enjoy the perfect world.. Know me well from my writings, not my talking.. I speak through fingers, not mouth.. And the most important thing is, the truth that I am my Big Daddy's daughter.. "I am broken and lost, but by God's grace, I have found"

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