Throughout the valley of sorrow

Last night, before I went to bed, I was looking back into my old blog on Blogger. Read every lines I wrote back there, when everything written there reflected what was inside my heart, what I felt. Drown into the old memories while surrounded by the darkness, I found one of this interesting lines. I couldn’t believe that it was me who wrote such beautiful lines, as I myself was touched by reading it. I don’t intend to praise myself, but the thing is when I read them, I could feel the feeling I felt by that time. I could feel the feeling of being madly in love and how I really wished for both of us could be together.

So I decided to re-write it here. Perhaps it would send the hidden message to the person I hope he would read.

Because this is still the one thing I am feeling while I hide them behind each smile I threw..


Another broken wings..
It leads to flowing tears..
The sorrow from this pain..
Gives way to deeper fears..

I’m hurt inside from losing you..
I’m often asking why?
How could this end so suddenly?
I feel like I’m useless..
Speaking about love..
But cannot do anything for love..

It wasn’t very long ago..
That you and I embraced..
It feels like only yesterday..
And now my soul’s displaced..

I’m trying to find a peaceful thought..
Where you and I were strong..
But in the absence of your love..
My happiness has gone..

For all the times we’ve joked..
All the times we’ve smiled..
All the times we’ve laughed..
For all the times we’ve made sweet and unforgettable..
Your voice is what I’ve missed..

I truly hope there comes a day..
When love will reunite..
Someday, somewhere..
Different path we’re going to get through..

I’ll be missing everything we’ve gone through together..
I’ll wipe away these tears one day..
I cry throughout the nights..
Just for you..


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