New things at the beginning of the year

It’s been almost a month since I wrote my last post here. A lot of thing had happened, of course, and yet, I did not find the right moment to update my blog. And before I write new experiences that I am going to explore yesterday, I better share now what had been missing for the past one month.

Yes, it’s January, the beginning month of a year, and I am sure that every companies will have set up new plans, new schedules, new targets, new goals in the management. In mine as well. There was this employee review twice a year, one is at the middle of the year, and another one is at the beginning of the year. As I shared in previous posts how I’ve been burdened with my role at work for the past year, I tried to speak honestly with my department head. And I am grateful that he as well as the whole team were very supportive. And yes, it’s just started for a week, but I am very positive that my job task is gonna be a lot more fun and enjoyable that it was.

I pray that this year is gonna be a year full of blessings, and I already received one! No! A few!!!

I wake up every morning for a week with a lot of excitement, though I’m feeling more tired. I was and still sick as flu attack me, but I don’t hear complaints coming from my heart. That means I am enjoying something.

Other than that, I’ve been blessed with my personal life, the life when it starts at the end of my working hours.

A new place to stay..

Yes, I am finally moving out from my past boarding house which does not have ventilation to the open space and also very humid, to a better place! The new place is a two stories room (it’s a semi-apartment room), got kitchen by myself, and exposed to the sunlight. The first time I viewed this room, I did not even think to view another place. I knew that this place is meant for me, though the building itself is quite old. But that’s okay, I can make it comfortable enough for me to stay. Here are some of the pictures:

The whole room took from the entrance door …

The whole room

The kitchen … All by myself …


And the room, which is upstairs …


I decorate with flower wallpaper stickers on the wall behind my head, and it looks sweet. Oh I am deeply in love with my new place.


Looking good isn’t it? I am definitely will buy another stickers to fill up the empty spaces.

I never imagined that I would stay in this kind of place rather than an apartment. Well the distance is further comparing with my old boarding house. I have to walk 1.1K and took me about 15 minutes to reach the office. But thank God I am so used to walk so I don’t mind. But from the gym back to the house? It’s 1.8K, and it’s heavy as I already feel tired after I exercise.

Well, it takes time to adjust.

What other blessings will I receive from God? He has been too good to me.

: )


Author: Irene A.K.A Irin

I am just an ordinary girl who lives in the extraordinary world.. I'm not used with the talking thingy, so I'd prefer to write all my thoughts and my feelings.. I dream a lot, I imagine a lot.. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to smile.. It's not a perfect world, but imagination has brought me to enjoy the perfect world.. Know me well from my writings, not my talking.. I speak through fingers, not mouth.. And the most important thing is, the truth that I am my Big Daddy's daughter.. "I am broken and lost, but by God's grace, I have found"

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