The island of gods

I just got back from Bali a few days ago. Last week, actually. I went to Bali on Saturday the 31th and went back to Jakarta on Wednesday the 4th. I planned to go to Bali in 2014, but the plan couldn’t be carried out. And there I was, for 5D4N in the beginning of the year. Finally …

I count this as my second visit to Bali. Actually it’s my third. But I don’t want to count the first as it was quite blurry, my brain had been hardly tried to erase what was happening there. Well, I was very young, and it was a bitter journey though. I don’t even really remember the whole story, just a little piece of here and there. So forget about that, and come to my last visit before this, which was took place about 2 year ago. I went there with 3 of my friends, two of them are a couple, and one of them, well, I could say my very best friend. While the couple stayed for a short escape, me and my friend were staying for a longer period. He extended for another 2 days, while I extended for another 5 days – I remember our last night enjoying the complete view of Bali island at one cafe at the top of the hill, it was a beaaauuuutiful evening. So I got 3 days of staying in Bali by myself, driving to an adventure journey by a little old rented car, got lost, and enjoying the central corners of Bali. I knew I fell in love with Bali, and told myself that I want to go to Bali one day soon. And that soon took two years to fulfill.

I was really excited facing myself that I am going to Bali. Though the accompanies were not as I hoped for, but that’s okay. I believe I still can enjoy every corners of the island.

I prepared my suitcase with lots of workout pairs, as I knew that I live for a running feet, and I planned that I will keep practicing for the coming race – will tell ya’ about this later – and also it has become my dream to run at the beach-side. I also imagined that I would try to swim in the open water. And yes, both of the plans were fulfilled. I ran for a 8K and 6K and done swimming for 1.5K in the hotel’s pool and 1K in the ocean. I imagined myself to register myself for a triathlon race on the mid-year, but I knew my practices are not enough to face the race yet. Well, it was really fun to be able to do workouts at the beach-side, accompanied by the sounds of roaring waves.

And suddenly I really wish to stay there.

There were not many culinary experiences like the last time I visit Bali with my friends. We just went and enjoy the locals for lunch and dinner, and that’s all. That’s okay since I was also scared that I will getting fatter by the time the holiday is over =P – I think I am.

I tried diving as well. My first. Well, I dived for 6M only for 30 minutes. I knew I am not afraid of water as I love swimming, so much! But once I dived, still, there was this little panic attacked my nerve. The water was so cold, I can’t stop shimmered while I dived. My ears were so hurt because of the pressure though the instructor had led me the way how to overcome that, but still I can’t stand the pain. My regulator was almost fall off though I already bit it hard. Then, I panicked. But the experience I had down there was amazing. I want to go deeper one day.

It’s been almost a week since I’m back to Jakarta. Welcomed by the flood, I can’t take my eyes off of my Bali’s pictures on my Leslie – i5s. I haven’t move on! Until today, I’m still think that 5D4N was never been enough, I want more, I N.E.E.D more..

I barely touch my SLR as I was more interested to feel Bali – particularly having as many physical experiences as possible.

Well, I guess on the next visit, a long retreat at the resort would be great, don’t you think? Bali IS the best place.

So, here is some of the pictures I took and posted on Instagram (irn_ang).

2015-02-04 08.03.11


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