Getting wiser

The older you get, the wiser you get.

This morning, I approached the center manager of the company I work in currently. Telling her that I am going to leave the job I am in now, for a better career back in Jakarta. I am officially accepted in Indosat, and tomorrow (Thursday, July 9th) they invited me to Jakarta, to sign the contract. At first I was thinking to tell the manager a lie. But I think if you are lying to someone, that means you don’t respect the person. So I made a decision to tell her the truth. I did feel scared that she won’t allowed me to take a one day off when I was supposed to not have any day offs during the probation period. But whatever happens, I should take the risk. I prayed, ask for His guidance before I was going to talk with her. His answered was so perfect, just like as I hoped for. The reaction from the manager was, thank God, so positive enough, and I am allowed to go to Jakarta for contract signing and take a one day off tomorrow.

There was no tension during our talk. She said that she was sad that I have to leave. She likes the way I do things, and also I am a fast learner, and she needs someone like that. I told her that I’m also sad because I need to leave my comfort zone. I just settled things in Bandung, I just got friends and we are getting closer, I am accepted in my working environment, I love how I live now. I can’t imagine how would my life be in Jakarta, working at Indosat. But I am a grown up, and my decision was no longer based on how much I wanted to live a relaxing life. I love challenges and since I don’t have any bond to anybody yet, I should take risks while I still can, while I’m still young. I told her that my decision was based on how my future would be if I’m taking such a rare opportunity. Life is not to mess around anymore. I would be stupid enough if I reject such a great offer.

The manager complimented me, told me that my decision was a wise decision. And she can accept my decision. Plus she’s also happy for me. I am grateful that I could have a supervisor that kind. I’m also grateful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful blessing.

I got this opportunity out from nowhere. There was a random offer came from Malaysia, a good friend of my friend’s, suddenly offered me the opportunity to work in Indosat. The user in Indosat has a friend in Malaysia, and this friend is a good friend of my friend’s boss. I once wondered why what was the purpose of God sending me to a land of desert, Malaysia. Three years had passed, and now I understand. I would never have gotten in at Indosat if I was never go to Malaysia, because I would never be in that circle. I believe this is the path I should take considering how God put me in the process from the first day.

I believe this is how God wanted me to be. To live a dangerous life. Taking risks. God wanted me to grow. To be smarter, to grow even more than I already am.

I also believe that I would find a way to manage my time, balancing between work, social life, and working my body as an athlete.

I realize that leaving my hometown would be such a difficult process for me. Especially when you had already attached to it. I knew I have some issues with moving on. I don’t know how would I be in Jakarta, but I just have to put my trust in God. Most of the times we don’t know what we really need for our lives. We may know what we want, but that does not mean that what we want is the best for our lives, or for our futures. So I learned to just walk on whatever is going on in my life, let go for the things I want, because I found out that my wants are just temporary. It may change some day in the future. And then I might be disappointed.

If God wanted me to walk on this journey, He will help me with anything to get through it.


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