First meeting – don’t give up on love

So I just got back home from attending a new DATE.

Well, basically why I am going this new (Friday) DATE is because I was accepted as a JPCC Vocalists, the Praise and Worship Team, one of JPCC singer’s candidate. But before I can officially be a singer on the stage, I must go through some other phases, which is joining a JPCC Choir regular practice every Wednesday evening. While my former DATE is on the same day as the practice (Wednesday), I don’t have any choices to move to another DATE. And somehow, God appointed me to this DATE, at City Loft, Citywalk.

When I entered the room, there were 2 boys and 3 girls are talking around telling their stories. Just after the leader introduced me, someone came up with a very good observation. I wore my Sentul Ultra Triathlon 2016 finisher tee, and one of the guy (a quite handsome one, actually :”)) asked: “are you a triathlete?”, so I replied: “sort of”. The leader mentioned that he is also a very active guy, loves to do sport.

So I sat, and we talked about each other. “140.6?”, he asked while keep looking at my t-shirt. It turned out that that guy really understand what is Triathlon all about. And along the moments we talked, I found out that he is an active cyclist. He trained every Saturday early morning, at Sentul, that is his “backyard”. He gets up every 2.00am in Saturday morning, leaving for Sentul at 3.00am, and start his training at 4.00am in the morning. He is always leaving early on DATE, 10.00pm in Friday night, just to get himself a short rest before do his training at Sentul. He has that commitment 🙂

Then I walked a 2.5k back home while thinking..

There was a time when I prayed to God about my future husband. “If I were about to get married, would You send me someone who can truly understand my time, my activities? Even someone who can I spend time with together in the activity would be much much great”. But for the past two years, I couldn’t see someone who can fit my needs..

When I get accepted as a part of JPCC Vocalists, I was also wondering, why did God allowed me this to happen: that I must go through few other phases, so I must leaving my former and beloved DATE on Wednesday, meeting new people and connect with them (the least an introvert would wish to do). But then, God said to me: “I will guide your path, to the path where you would find your mate, and he will be the one who can understand and even to spend your training with”. I thought God was joking .. I thought finding a mate was only my wish, but not God’s purpose in my life. On the other side, He does have someone for me.

After a few talk with the guy, I kinda like him.. I kinda interested in him.. I feel connected somehow..

I don’t know who is this guy to me. I don’t want to put my hope too high in this. But from this event, I actually look into a different perspective: God has showed me that He is guiding me to a place, a community, where I can feel and believe that dreams do come true, that He understands and listens to my hopes and wishes. He wants to form me to be someone much better through putting me into more communities, so I can be ready to be committed for a marriage life. I’ve met him (the “Mr.D ;)) as God’s way to show that there is someone out there who could be a match to me.. It’s just about how I could believe Him that He will provides my needs. 

A few weeks/months back, I was in the stage where I questioned myself, and asked God as well: “do I really need to get married? Because marriage is scary, Dude.. Relationship could make you lose yourself. And I do afraid to get into relationship again”. That’s why I closed my eyes, my heart to so many guys around me.

But God has shown me this night, don’t give up on love.

Keep hoping, keep wishing..

Because He will be the One who shows the way..


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