Maybe you are making a bad joke,

or you are trying to make awkward conversation,

or you just want to sit tight,

and listen to what your friends are talking about,

and laugh with them.


You are having a bad day.

But you can’t laugh on your own.

Sometimes you would talk random things with your closest person.

You open your instant messaging application,

search for their name,

and start a conversation with them.

You make unimportant things seem important.

So you would have something to talk.


You are far far away apart from them.

The city separates you from each other.

Time keep you distance.

You wish to see them.

You wish to sit and feel their presence.

But maybe you yourself are too busy to visit them.


But when you raise your phone,

you think whether it is the best time to contact them.

Because best-friends fight,

parent-child conflicted,

husband-wife don’t talk to each other.

People may not in a good terms from each other.

And that’s okay,

because emotions influence relationships,

even the closest ones.


You do have people like them around you.

Close to you,

near to your place.

But at some point of time,

you won’t look to each other’s eyes.

You won’t meet or see them for a while.

People get hurt,

and when they do,

they withdraw.


And suddenly you feel so silence.

So lonely.

So you jump into any kind of group,

trying to make some bad jokes so you can laugh.

Then rain came down,

soaking all that is on you.

“Well.. Maybe it’s time to leave and just be me”…



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