Daily Life: Take A Moment To Give Thanks

Take a moment to give thanks: safety

Friday, 21 October 2016 @ 7.15pm

I just got back home from DATE. It was a short meeting since few only attended it. So we were talking while having dinner. I got news from the DATE Leader that someone he and the others know got into an accident. Street robbery that caused her to be hospitalized in the ICU because of severe damage from hitting the road too hard.

We took a moment to reflect, that everybody should be very careful especially when we are getting home late. In Jakarta. This is the third times i heard such incident, the exact one, just different victim. But i knew all of them. They are within my church circles.

I realize that i am too brave. I love to take a walk. A long one. And i don’t mind during the night. Somethimes i got scared because the street is too dark and quite. But everytime i pass by dark or quite street, i briefly pray inside, asking God to walk beside me, literally. And i always believe: God is protecting me.

And nothing would ever happen to me. I believe that.

While my DATE friends told me to be very careful, i guess i really need to take precautions as well.

I thank God today, that everywhere i go, God is always protecting me. Because i have faith that God is watching over me.

And watching over you as well 🙂

I am safe in His hands, His watch (eyes).


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