Daily Life: Take A Moment To Give Thanks

Take a moment to give thanks: rest day

Saturday, 22 October 2016 @ 7.42pm

As i committed to write a simple “give thanks” story every day, i am forced to think and reflect on God’s goodness.

But to be honest. I couldn’t think of anything today. But there must be at least something that God gave as a blessing.

I went no where for the whole day, except for the morning, attending a 5k fun run race at Pangudi Luhur. Did it good enough, since i managed to maintain a 5:44 pace in average after not going for any runs for the past couple months, as i was injured. I guess i need to be thankful of that, i am still strong enough to conquer the road to run. It doesn’t go anywhere, the strength.

I am injury-pain-free now!

Thank God for that, and now i can back to my “running business”.

It turned out that the participants for the event is mostly seniors: about 10 years older than me. I couldn’t find people who are about my age. Asked my friend, where do they go, those who are within my age group. He said: “we all (Pangudi Luhur Runners and Pangudi Luhur Triathletes) are mostly within the 40-50 age group. Many of us started about that late. So you should be grateful that you are still young, you can run fast, grow stronger, build endurance looonngg before we did”.

Yeah. I do feel grateful of that.

Among my sports community, i am within that “young enough” age group. I don’t really need to worry for my heart, my bones strength, or any part of my body to work on intense and heavy workouts.

Today i am grateful that God gave me such energy to do things that many people wish to do. And i am grateful that i am that strong with many body limitations.

I can see how my future will be in the older days: strong and fit.


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