Daily Life: Take A Moment To Give Thanks

Take a moment to give thanks: walking distance

Sunday, 23 October 2016 @ 7.24pm

I’m very tired today. So this is gonna be really short.

Joined a Jakarta Marathon event this morning, took a 10k distance. People were rushing to the race village as many road will be closed, and didn’t want to take risk to queueing just to find a park and ended up late. The need to wake up very early: about 2am or 3am since their houses are far from the race village.

My home is just about 2.5k distance to the race course. I ran to the race village and saw some people were rushing from where they were park their vehicles to catch up on their flag-off time. Quite far.

I am so grateful, that i don’t need to be too rushing when i was heading towards the race village. My place is just around the city central area. Many big events took place around here.

Because it’s only 2.5k distance. Anybody can walk that far. Right? 😀

Something to be thankful of… 🙂

PS: btw, it was at Monas.


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