EN · Journey of Love · Life Lesson

accept love, embrace it, cherish it

“There is nothing wrong with being in love”.

“You just need to admit that you are in love, and accept it”.

“Love is a feeling that no one could explain. You may love someone not because you see the person is a fit for you, but  because what he or she has is the thing you need the most in you life. You may think that he or she is nothing on what you are looking for as a mate, but there are a lot of things in someone that you can define to be something you need for your life”.

“When you encounter difficulties to understand your own feelings, don’t let it burden you. Because there are some feelings you are experiencing cannot be described as a knowledge. They don’t exist to be understood, but to be embraced, so that it becomes a valuable experience you will never forget”.

“What do you think you need from someone that close to you?”.

“I think it’s security”, I replied. “It has been my biggest issue”, I continued.

He looked at me thoroughly.

“Define your kind of house”.

My kind of house: Small. But have large yard. The front door is made from wood with “welcome” plate hanging at the top of the door. The windows are short-sized and tightly closed with no curtain so people can see what’s inside from the outside. The back door is customized. It’s just a normal window, but covered with mosquito nets so people cannot see what’s inside from the outside, protected by trellis so that not just anyone may enter. “Any thoughts?”, I asked.

“The front door with welcome plate means that you wish people to see you as who you really are: “welcome to my world”. The tightly closed windows with no curtain means that you want people to know who you really are or understand you, but you don’t open easily to people, an introvert. The highly secure back door with trellis means that you are an insecure individual”.

“Perfectly described”, I reacted.

“I don’t judge, and I understand why you love and feel guilty at the same time”.

“If you ever feel guilty for something out of your control, try to separate what you feel about the beauty of love, and the load carried by the guilty feeling. Love deserves to be treated gently, don’t push away what you feel about being in love with someone. Put it aside, and visit guilty. Try to find out why do you feel guilty by being in love to someone. Explore yourself. Dig within yourself”.

“You don’t have to find answer for that, you just need to accept that some things exist without an answer lies at the end of the journey”.

“It’s a part of the process. Your process”.

“If you love because you are lonely, accept loneliness and embrace solitude. If you love because you’ve never been treated like how someone treated you before, accept your tough past. If you love because you’ve never met or seen someone as strong as you are being protected like today, accept your presence as someone who needs other people”.

“If someone comes into your live, there’s always a purpose for that. If someone leaves you, their time with you is up. If someone stays, your time has come”.

“Do not afraid of what love can do to you, whether you can or cannot be together with someone you love, your job is to keep that in your heart and cherish love”.

“Because love is precious”..

“Do not expect, because love must do things willingly, whether you can or cannot get what you want, or even what you need”.

“The best feelings in the world is indeed love. With love I can cry sadly, with love I can hurt badly, with love I can jump happily, with love I can tell a lot of stories, with love I can laugh loudly, with love I can smile widely. With love I can feel everything the world doesn’t provide”, as I emphasized my feelings. “There’s a lot of thing I almost forget about love”, while I looked up to the ceiling, tried to remember when was the last time I am in love?

“Explore within you. If you find it, you add to your knowledge. But if you are not, cherish it before it’s gone”.

“I knew that you live to love”..

Yeah.. I guess you’re right 🙂


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