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When God intervened

I used to be very tired (or sleepy) every time I finished a race (or morning workouts). But today, I guess I’m just having that kind of extra energy to keep myself remain intact for the whole day.

Reached home one hour past lunch time, I knew what I was going to do next. Took a quick shower and lunch, I was rushing getting myself prepared to go. I planned myself to go to the train station to get my train ticket schedule change and since the train station is very near to my office, I planned to attend Christmas celebration at the office. Never been to it, and I think there’s nothing wrong to spare my time and go there.

When I was about going, it was heavily rain outside. Should I stay on my schedule? Or should I stay and relaxing at home?

But there’s something inside of me tells me to go.

So I went to the train station first, and got myself stuck because the rain got heavier. I don’t really like taking a taxi if the distance I am going to is only a few kilometers away. But I ended up taking a taxi and reached office lobby safely. And dry.

There was nothing really special about the celebration, but I got the message. I think God wanted me to go there and listen to what is the Preacher is going to deliver. It was about “being grateful”.

Basically the Preacher performs a ministry to abandon Children (and families), and he showed us few pictures of what he had witnessed in the rural areas. How hard they live, how difficult their situation to get basic and proper needs.

And in the middle of his message, just about it was about to end, he said: “you should be very grateful of your life, no matter how hard you are today”.

I recalled myself writing about “things to be grateful of” and post it in blog each of the days when I found myself complaining to God about few things. Those complaints were overwhelmed me and I started to focus on how big the problems are instead of how big our God is. I reflect on myself because I honestly did not continue it. It only lasts for two weeks, then I was too tired to write few lines of “blessing of the day”. I wrote it right before I go to bed, and most of those time, I was already sleepy or exhausted and I skip it for few days, and then few weeks, and now it stopped. But I remember that I changed. I did not complain to God anymore. It healed me.

I guess I need to start again to keep myself and God’s way in line, focusing on what God wants in my life instead of why God is giving me this and that..

But God is indeed good.

I got second place in the Individual Open Female 25-35 years old category in the race this morning. I never intended to seek for a podium achievement, but this morning when I got the prize, it tells me that God never let me troubled. He always bless me, He never forget that there are some nights I ask Him for a way out yet He answers my prayers in little things that most of the time I don’t see, He knows what I need.

When I was kinda “losing” that amount of money, He replaced exactly the same amount from the achievement I got today.

What else could I ever asked to God? He stays faithful to me. I should be.

Teach me to be more sensitive and stay close to you, God. That’s all I need.

Anyway. I unlocked podium badge at the last race of 2016. More adventures (and new experiences) are coming in 2017! 😀



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