EN · Life Lesson · Poem


When it is too painful to walk,

i will keep going.

I will keep going till no one stops me.

Life is about fighting.

We fight to get what we want.

I fight.

Dream high and aim higher.

Fight for your dream.

Seize every opportunities.

But if you fail, you don’t stop.

Fight again.

Failure is inevitable.

Failure makes us, us.

Failure teaches us great lessons.

We grow up because we fail once, twice, and thousand other times.

I grin from the pain of failure,

but i keep going.

I won’t let the sun down.

He shines to give me new strength every morning.

And i won’t disappoint the moon.

She rises to protect my world from darkness.

I will give my all to live the world.

And i won’t give up.


Because we all are survivors.


7.40pm, laying down on my bed (trying to sleep early), suffering from severe wounded pain from the cycling accident earlier this morning, i bite my pillow, hug my cow doll, bend myself over, to survive the physical pain. I gave all my energies trying to walk few hundred meters from the station to my home. I am a pain-resistant, but this feels too painful. While i walked, i kept telling myself: “just a little bit more, just few more steps to the destination, don’t give up, fight the pain”.

I guess i got a fever because of the wound “burns” me from the inside.

Life is hard, no matter how painful the road we walk on today, it is important that we are not giving up. Because “these too shall pass”, and when we look back, everything seems make sense..

Hope i can sleep tonight :p #ouchouchouch


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