18 things i learned during the 18k hill

Saturday morning well spent with fellow runners at my office #iRunners. Went to Sentul, we planned to hike one of the hills there. Spent almost the whole day, brought the stiffness and felt the tiredness, but we all enjoying the moments when we were conquering the route. It was always memorable when we gather and spend the moments together. Not just as friends, but one big family 🙂

Hope to do it again with you all one day soon..

18 things i learned from my experience going for a 18k (fun) trail run:

1. No. I won’t gor a trail run race. Ever. Hike would do me just fine.

2. But i love the air. It rejuvenated me.

3. And enjoy the climb as well.

4. And i love moments when i don’t hear anything but the wind blowing the leaves. So quiet and calming.

5. But if you can hike, why do you must run? What is the fun in that? (He gave up running on this hill)

6. Short breath happens when you hike no matter how long or how often you run in a week.

7. Poor knees. You worked so hard when i went down from the summit.

8. You know now which muscles in your body needs to be trained if you want to hike. They burn like hell.

9. I am a nature lover. I stopped few times to take a picture.

10. Excitingly amazed by the beauty of the view from the above. “Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!”, i kept repeating on myself. (No filter, no edit)

11. The right moment for a quality bonding time when you climb with someone close to you. Lots of things to talk about. #BrotherMine

12. The perfect moment to ponder on yourself. Why i do this, why i do that, what did i do, what am i feeling, how am i feeling, how will i be ifs-, what plans do you have in mind, how do you achieve your dreams, what do you want to do, and on and on and on..

13. The villagers are very kind. And polite. Even more than any kind people i’ve ever met in the city.

14. I learned several medication plants while i stopped for a rest at one of the villager’s house (as he saw my injured knee).

15. I can’t move on.

16. You can’t feel sad when you blend with the nature even though you are feeling sad.

17. I wish to be back one day soon!

18. But to hike…

And every time i step, i can’t thank God enough for the blessings He has given me. Sometimes when everything seems like one big question, His done is a blessing in disguise. What is happening may not be seen today, but it will be make sense some time in the future. So i just want to take a moment to give thanks to Him: Thank you God for all the blessings..

PS: Still pounding with joy 😀 😀 😀 #thankyouMotherNature


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