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If you’re feeling lonely..

If the night is so dark, the cold breeze blowing towards you, and you are feeling lonely . .

Read a book. A literature, or a reference would do just good.

Write. About anything you saw. Anything in your mind. What you’re feeling.

Drink copious amounts of tea or coffee. And make them hot ones.

Watch a sappy movie that makes you want to throw things at it. Don’t forget to hold on your pillow.

Watch a funny movie that makes you laugh like a madman. No one’s around anyway.

Capture moments with a camera. So you won’t forget them. You won’t forget everything.

Cook something. And make it a leftover for another days.

Clean up your house at what has already been cleaned up. There’s so much thoughts can be released when you are cleaning.

Call or text your best friend. No need topics. Just talk.

Play an instrument. And learn your favourite song. And sing along.

Shamelessly dance in your room, while no one’s watching.

Take a bath. Take a long one. And mused under the shower.

Listen to tantalizing music that’s overflowing with entrancing lyrics. And reflect on each lines.

Write a melodramatic poem that’s dripping with emotion. So people know who you really are, what you are feeling.

Make plans for your future. And dream about it. Dreams do come true someday, somewhere.

Wonder. About your curiosity. Some things in life are meant without answers.

Go for a walk. Observe people. And be grateful that you are who you are today. There’s a lot of people who are less lucky than you.

Cry. Until you fall asleep, so when you wake up it’ll be tomorrow: a brand new day.

Go to the rooftop and watch the night sky. You are watched by millions stars in the sky. You are never alone.

Make endless wishes to the star twinkling against the midnight sky.

Do nothing. Just laying on your bed and ponder.

Curl up on your bed. Hug your favourite doll.

Think about nothing..

Think about everything..

Think about things so hard that you barely remember what happened moments ago and why you are feeling the way you do . .


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