Each of us is going through different process in life..

Some would take a very long time to adapt on changes, months to years.. While some others would take few weeks or couple months to adapt and get on board again..

Some would need a very long time to consider a big life-decision, while some others would need couple moments to decide what he’s going to do forward..

Some would need some time alone without anybody bothering him but his own mind to listen to himself, to his needs.. While some others would need trusted people to be around her and helping her to understand from other’s point of view but herself..

Some would talk to close friends, hoping the love-friendship she gets would suffice the empty cup she carries.. While some others would stay close with his close friends..

Some would need distractions, while some others would need to weep all day long for weeks..

Some would need to stay in dark, while some others need to implicitly speak behind words.. Lots one..

And i guess, that is where space exists. To think carefully on what we really need, so we don’t make wrong decisions.. To understand the meaning of these all, so we don’t grieve for too long.. To accept the things we can’t accept, so we can move on..

A space where we can cry, where we can be angry, where we can pour out the disappointments, where we can write down on an empty wall one by one unanswered questions, the ones that have been bothering us every day.

Some could experience a very long time to process what he needs to process at this stage of relationship, while some others could experience through feelings.

And maybe, there are some people that think things going too fast would take a sudden brake and pause the ongoing play for a while.. While some other people who thinks that it is okay to go on with the fast-moving phase as long as we skip the little unimportant things to the most important things..

Maybe that is where space is needed..

Space where there is time to break, and a time to heal.. A time to feel the excitement, and a time to feel the loss.. A time to die, and a time to grow.. A time to questioned, and a time to understand: that even two people is going through different processes..

And if the timing is right, even if it’s just one slight second, maybe that is the time where all of us can meet again in the garden of mind.. with peace..

If you are processing, i am too..

We both are, and just going through different processes..


Author: Irene A.K.A Irin

I am just an ordinary girl who lives in the extraordinary world.. I'm not used with the talking thingy, so I'd prefer to write all my thoughts and my feelings.. I dream a lot, I imagine a lot.. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to smile.. It's not a perfect world, but imagination has brought me to enjoy the perfect world.. Know me well from my writings, not my talking.. I speak through fingers, not mouth.. And the most important thing is, the truth that I am my Big Daddy's daughter.. "I am broken and lost, but by God's grace, I have found"

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