Random Things Found in Daily Life

When I bumped into her

One fine afternoon at the office..

I finished my first book project last night. Had printed it out, so I can read it from the hardcopy form. Easier for me.

In the afternoon, I went down to the lounge area to find a cozy sofa to read what I had been writing so far, those 90 pages I started about two months ago as a way of my healing process from the illogical brokenhearted.

Drowsiness attacked me when I had read it halfway. So I decided to continue later, and go back to my desk, back to my work.

There where I bumped into her in front of the lift, one of his bestfriend that he never got the chance to introduce us because she was at maternity leave since the beginning of the year, before the story between me and him started, and before it ended.

I knew her to be someone who seems arrogant and hard to get close with. But somehow I can see she opened herself to me, when we bumped into each other, she never forgets to greet me with her smile.

I never thought that she is that friendly. I guess my judgement about her was wrong. I can see her as a friend now.

That was one of many other significant change I experience since I lost him.

She smiled at me, seemed so sociable to me. So I smiled back at her. To avoid any awkwardness, I congratulated her for her newborn baby. While we waited for the lift to arrive, we talked about her baby experience.

We talked, we talked, we talked, until we got separated by the floor she works on.

As I went up to my own floor, I realized that actually I never knew her before I was with him, especially her baby delivery news. Will she be thinking the same thing as me? Like, “eh, how does she know that I just gave birth recently?”.

Of course I knew it from him.

Well.. I guess some relationship begin in a weird way when another has ended.

And I can see there is some positive side to that.

Right? 🙂


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