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i have never found myself fascinated with a specific person. normally i would see him or her as someone i admire because he or she has become an inspiration to me. but what inspiration do i have when i see you? i don’t even know you, you don’t even know me, and we don’t even introduce ourselves to each other. but why your figure always visit my mind when i am at my weakest hour: the night.

it has always been the night that makes me believe that dreams really do come true..

so if i dream about you, will you allow me to wish it to come true? 

i know you and i believe you know me. but just to a limit of knowing each other that each of us exist somewhere in this city, and once seen somewhere on the corner of the stage that put us together. but no story built between us. 

will it be true? the story?

i told God that i am too afraid of myself, because i have this “unique” capability of falling in love with my own imagination. so if i am imagining you somewhere in the midnight, is it okay if i fear of myself to fall in love with you when i am standing in between the reality and the dream? because there is some fragile hours when i can’t differentiate where i am standing. 

that’s why, it is locked for a reason. i mean .. heart, my heart. because i understand if the world couldn’t understand this. and i always pray, i always ask, for someone to come in here, and understand that i am so vulnerable because i am easy to love. 

i am easy to love because i can accept someone’s weaknesses and love them (the weaknesses) easily. i deeply understand how imperfections can make my world to be so much perfect. 

wait.. is that something that needs to be embrace, or is it wrong? is it wrong to wish for a sun to shine at night, and the moon to light my path in the darkness? 

is it wrong to wish for something that is too impossible, or someone that is too far away? 

no. i never stop asking God for something that is too impossible. 

because i believe in the process. 

the result is just a reward.

i believe in the process, of praying about you, telling God (specifically) your name, even though you are so far away and too impossible, i believe that it will develop my Faith.

and knowing you is just a reward He gives to me 🙂


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