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A(nother) fulfillment

I never have the intention to test God. But I did ask Him if He will fulfill my little secret wish today.

Again. There is no wish that is too stupid or too impossible if we believe in it. If we turn it as a prayer.

Specific. I heard that God loves detail. And how He appreciates specific wishes. Or prayers.

So I learned to be specific with Him. I asked Him specifically if He is about to allow me meeting him. One more time. And hear his voice. Understand his way of talking as a part of who he is when he interacts with other people.

Maybe. Just maybe. I could visualize a kind of man he is.

Do you know that each night I bring your name to my night prayer before I surround myself with a warm blanket? Asking God if He would given me the chance of knowing you better. Asking God if your appearance lately means something.

While I am also teaching myself to accept when I wish for something that might not come true. Maybe most people called it “gamble”.

No expectation. Understand that if God wants it to happen, it will happen eventually.

I was amazed by God’s love.

So I met him. So he stood in front of me. So I heard his voice.

I believe that was God’s love that I was allowed to receive that kind of fulfillment. Just as like I asked, specifically to Him last night before I crawled into my bed and drown to sleep.

So I smiled, so he smiled. I don’t know about him, but I will never forget this moment. I will never forget the days when I met you because those days were the days where God showed me His grace by fulfilling my wishes.

I wonder if that means something. Of course, I asked Him. I asked God what does He want to teach from this.

But even if it does not mean anything, I understand that God wants me to witness and feel His love towards me: that everything we’ve asked for, will come true eventually, as long as we believe that it will happen.

At the perfect moment 🙂

I learn it now.. I learn to believe..

Do you believe it now?


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